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5 years and still count.. 1st HMT Fundraising Event (DEC, 2011),
 Save the Date for this year's Fundraising Event, get ready for fund-raising and lots of fun

Ticket sale to be announced soon!

The Dar es salaam Goat Races aims to raising money to support small local organisation and charities that will use the fund to make significant and sustainable impact on their work, benefiting the wider community within which they are based (source: www.goatraces.com)

Hassan Maajar Trust Team was one of the Goat Races volunteers.

To mark our 5th Anniversary, we organize a cocktail event to celebrate our achievement of working to improve learning environment in schools in Tanzania. The main purpose of this event was to bring together the key sponsors, partners, donors, supporters and facilitators of our programme and projects.

Within 5 years we have managed to:
  • -          Raising awareness of the plight of Tanzanian children learning to read and write while seated on the floor.
  • -          Mobilizing the Tanzania public and other to join the Hassan Maajar Trust led initiative to resolve the problem. By 31st July 2016 under the Desk For Every Child/Dawati Kwa Kila Mtoto Campaign, Hassan Maajar Trust and her partners had provided about 9000 desks that seated three (3) pupils each in thirteen (13). In most school due to the acute shortage, one desk seat four (4) to five (5) pupils in the lower classes. With that number of desks, Hassan Maajar Trust has thus successfully coordinated the lifting of over thirty thousand (30,000) girls and Boys off the floor on to the desks in those regions.

The event was held at the Oysterbay Hotel (Club Lounge) on Friday 2/9/16. (This Event was sponsored by Bank M)